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Boat Lift Services in McHenry, Illinois

Captain Rod’s Boat Lift & Pier Services has been your source for McHenry boat lift services for over 15 years. Our dedicated team of foremen are here to support all of your needs. We will deliver, assemble and install most brands of boat lifts all over the Chain of Lakes. If annual removal is necessary we will happily come remove your lift when the fall rolls around, and return in the spring to get you back in the water. If issues ever arise with your boat lift, regardless of the brand, we also offer fast and friendly repair services. We currently sell MAX cable lifts and Golden hydraulic lifts.

Max Lift Systems by Captain Rod's Boat Lift and Pier Service

Max Lifts

Max Lifts by Captain Rod's Boat Lift and Pier Service

MAX Boat Lifts are designed to provide superior protection for any watercraft. When left docked in the water, there is potential for wind damage, algae build up, corrosive electrolysis, barnacles, and zebra mussels, all of which can have devastating effects on performance, aesthetics, and value. MAX lifts are designed to make it easy to lift your watercraft from the water, protecting your investment, increasing resale value, and cutting maintenance costs. MAX offers a complete line of options to outfit the lift for any type of watercraft. Several bunk options, guide-ons, catwalks, motor stops, electric drive motors, solar power, and the MAX Stordry Canopy system provide the ultimate watercraft protection.

Golden Hydraulic Lifts

We weld all components that are not adjustable, which prevents premature loosening of parts and there is no contact of dissimilar metals in a salt water environment, we enclose our hydraulic shafts in our exclusive Air Bellow. The ‘Air Bellows’ prevent any harmful particles and marine growth from damaging the hydraulic cylinders, seals and shafts.

If you’re in need of boat lifts in McHenry or installation, repair or removal support, give us a call today at (815)759-9134!