Summit Hydraulic Lifts

Summit Hydraulic Lifts in McHenry, IL by Captain Rod's Boat Lift and Pier ServiceQuite simply, if you’re looking for the most dependable hydraulic boat lift in McHenry, available at the most competitive price, look no further than Summit Marine Hydraulic Lifts. Summit Marine offers the kind of high quality product you wont find in any other hydraulic lift. In the eighties, the innovators of Summit Marine combined an aluminum boat lift with the power of a hydraulic engine and a safe 12 volt motor to create their first hydraulic boat hoist for their own personal watercraft. Over time and some refinement, Summit Marine was born in 1989 and today these innovative boat lifts are used by happy customers all around the world.


  1. Power Transfer Strap- Transfers power from the hydraulics to all forward hinges, like having 4 wheel drive for your boat lift. The power transfer feature distributes the load evenly to all hinges.
  2. Largest side beams in its class. Marine grade aluminum.
  3. Stainless steel bolts, aluminum and brass nuts- only non-corrosive fasteners hold this lift together.
  4. Summit Hydraulic Lift Installation in McHenry, IL by Captain Rod's Boat Lift and Pier ServiceEasy assembly. Main carriage factory built, 40 bolts complete the assembly.
  5. Strong, full piece, sandwich style, hinge side plates. Lifting force is not dependent on welded tabs, like its competitors.
  6. Over-sized aluminum bushing is shouldering between the side plates, making it stronger than merely welding it alone like others.
  7. Optional carpeted step rails, cedar 2X6 board underneath. Vertical guide posts also available as an option.
  8. Swivel, full-length bunk support.
  9. Weather resistant poly box stores hydraulic pump and battery.
  10. Velocity fuses installed in every cylinder will gently lower your boat in an emergency.
  11. Patented retracting cylinder design keeps the rods clean because the shafts travel inside the cylinder tubes as the lift elevates and clean rods mean long life for it’s underwater approved seals.
  12. Brass wiper blade helps with the second line of defense to keep the rods clean.
  13. Stainless steel rods stay corrosion and rust free.


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